Frequently Asked Questions


PlateHero is the first legal marketplace for home cooked food in Sweden. Find fresh, authentic food made with love by permitted home chefs in your neighborhood. Support local family businesses and discover food as diverse as the community you’re a part of! Share all kinds of food!

Download our free app or visit our web app and customize your profile. You can join as a Feeding Hero – the one who cooks or shares the surplus or as a Hunting Hero – the one who saves food by buying it or collecting.

It’s easy! Simply download the Plate Hero, create a menu from your own personalized dashboard, and start managing your kitchen. 

Next, upload the best photos of your signature dishes.

Our platform includes all of the functionality you need to advertise your menu and create your own foodie tribe via social media! Once your orders start rolling in, you can easily track your sales, set performance goals, keep order details, and respond to customer inquiries all in one place.

Requirements may differ in each country. We require you to upload pictures of your kitchen and equipment, in order to be submitted, additionally to ensure the best experience we require Level 2 Certificate in Food Safety and Hygiene and register their premises with their respective local authorities (Councils).. In addition, if you have other people in your home kitchen, each will need to obtain a Food Handlers Permit.

Nothing is more important to us than community health, and the safety of your food. To that end, the following are required for all PlateHero Chefs: Intensive inspection & permitting process. All PlateHero Chefs have their kitchen and meals reviewed, inspected, and approved by a panel of our team and health officials.

All PlateHero Chefs are supported by training and are well-equipped with packaging material, so we always ensure the best quality.

At home restaurants, you meet the Chef — the face of their business. Home chefs prepare your meals with the same level of care they have for their families.

We are sending payouts to your given bank account every 2 weeks.

PlateHero Chefs may deliver by themselves and earn also on delivery, or leave it to us, where we have already assigned drivers, that are ready to deliver your meal in 30 minutes by your doorstep!

Just select the meal you like, prefered delivery option and eventually agree with the chefs via chat over any dietary needs!

When you order you always see the status of your order, and track it down and see whether your meal was confirmed/handed over to delivery. Eventually, you can always text the Chef!

Would you like to sell your meals for profit with an unlimited price range? Then you have to get approved as a Home Chef, through our form.

If you are just a regular user, that cooks occasionally, or you just have too much food that you will not be able to consume before it goes bad, then you are always welcome to upload your meal without the need to get permitted as a Home Chef. You can share food for free or sell it up to €5.

It is simple, just apply through our form and upload necessary information, usually we verify the applications within 24h.

We help you with the logistics, marketing, packaging, legal and digital support. We are a community of heroes that are passionate about our roles. We want you to focus on what you love, while we take care of the rest!

It depends how much you cook, however you can get up to €2000 a month!

PlateHero customers represent a wide cross-section of people from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, and walks of life. Similarly to many of our chefsC, some of the customers are immigrants and expats who use PlateHero to enjoy traditional food from their home countries. Customers also tend to be adventurous and love to try new cuisines and dishes. They are typically planners who incorporate PlateHero meals into their weekly routines, enjoying homemade dishes throughout the week with their families and loved ones. Our customers care about food and never let it go to waste. Just as we do with all our chefs, we welcome every customer into the PlateHero community with open arms.