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How to Order?

Order fresh homemade food in affordable prices! Just follow the 3 steps described below.

Share local, help global

Don’t throw it away,
Share the Surplus

Cut the waste. Give away the excess of dinner or products which you are not planning to use. Fight hunger and help the planet. Less food thrown away means less food bought which results in less food produced and a Healthy Earth.

Save It, Collect the Surplus

Don’t let the food go to waste. Save the food in your city from being thrown away! Don’t buy new products. Eat a fresh and homemade meal that someone else decided to share or collect products to make your own dinner.

Sweden needs a hero!

Food waste is the most underrated yet third most affecting factor of global warming. 70% of total food waste takes place in households.

Sell your own plates

Create your Kitchen, be your own boss


Most frequent questions and answers

Plate Hero is a platform that connects food waste warriors, planet savers, eating lovers and cooking passionates. Having in mind that households, we, you, they – are the biggest food waste producers, Plate Hero’s main goal is to reduce food waste by directly targeting this sector.

Download our free app or visit our web app and customize your profile. You can join as a Feeding Hero – the one who cooks or shares the surplus or as a Hunting Hero – the one who saves food by buying it or collecting.

It’s easy! Simply download the Plate Hero, create a menu from your own personalized dashboard, and start managing your kitchen. 

Next, upload the best photos of your signature dishes.

Our platform includes all of the functionality you need to advertise your menu and create your own foodie tribe via social media! Once your orders start rolling in, you can easily track your sales, set performance goals, keep order details, and respond to customer inquiries all in one place.

Requirements may differ in each country. We require you to upload pictures of your kitchen and equipment, in order to be submitted, additionally to ensure the best experience we require Level 2 Certificate in Food Safety and Hygiene and register their premises with their respective local authorities (Councils).. In addition, if you have other people in your home kitchen, each will need to obtain a Food Handlers Permit. 

Customers may view available dishes on your menu for quick pick up or for future dates. Plate Hero allows customers to select portion size, dish options, desired pickup times along with any special requests. Once the customer has paid for the order, you’ll confirm the order and notify them of the pick up time and location desired. For easy communications, you can chat directly with the customer.

The Feeding Heroes are the base of Plate Hero, which is why it’s our mission to make sure that we provide them with the tools and resources they need to succeed. Currently, the Plate Hero App is completely FEE FREE, however, we take a small fee of 15% on each sold meal. The Feeding Hero has the option to set the price for their meals accordingly!

PlateHero customers are people living in your neighborhood, who are searching for new tastes, fresh, homemade dishes at affordable prices, but most importantly people who want to eliminate food waste.

We make the getting paid process super easy. After 72 hours of any order being completed, you can log in to the Plate Hero for Feeding Heroes app and click the Withdraw. We transfer the funds directly into your PayPal account instantly or Bank Transfer that usually takes 3-5 days. It’s that simple.

In addition, you can log into your Portal at any time to review your orders, transactions, and payouts or set up real-time notifications.

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Safety and Hygiene

We make sure that the food is prepared in a clean and disinfected environment by an Examined and Approved Hero.

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Become an Ambassador

Contribute to fighting the food waste and hunger problems on another level and become a Plate Hero Ambassador

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The team

We are a group of friends with different backgrounds, cultures and stories, but we all believe in a world where people are kind to each other and no one goes to bed with an empty stomach.

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