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Your culinary experience

PlateHero is the first homemade food marketplace in Sweden, where the act of sharing food is a key to explore new cultures, cuisinesand meet amazing people. It’s a library of fresh meals at affordable prices.

Earn money by doing what you love

Join a safe space where skilled culinary artisans – our Home Chefs cook & sell fresh and original meals to their neighbors from the comfort of their kitchens. 


The future is homemade.

Get To Know Us Better

Safety and Hygiene

We make sure that the food is prepared in a clean and disinfected environment by an Examined and Approved Hero.

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Become an Ambassador

Contribute to fighting the food waste and hunger problems on another level and become a Plate Hero Ambassador

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The team

We are a group of friends with different backgrounds, cultures and stories, but we all believe in a world where people are kind to each other and no one goes to bed with an empty stomach.

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Sweden needs a hero!

Food waste is the most underrated yet third most affecting factor of global warming. 70% of total food waste takes place in households.