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Are your passion cooking and you ever thought about running your own food business?

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There are many people that need your help! Buy a meal to someone, or donate food to NGO’s and food banks!

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Do you love food blogging? With Plate Hero you can take blogging to another level and actually taste the meals!

Fight Food Waste

In Plate Hero, we care about the environment and we do understand the problem, that’s why we decided to come up with a solution that will reduce the amount of wasted food at your home! We give the food a second chance!

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Donate a meal to those in need. Be the difference, no one needs to go to sleep with empty stomach. Good deeds are contagious!

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Do you miss walking through the food market and seeing how each food is being prepared? With Plate Hero you can do the same! See how each home-chef prepare his meal, have a chat with him and decide, whether you would like to order from him!

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Most frequent questions and answers
  • Plate Hero is a C2C food community marketplace! We connect local home-based cooks with nearby hungry customers who can browse unique menus and order fresh and healthy homemade food. Download the app today and discover a whole new way to share your passion for cooking or experience new culinary discoveries!

For the chef

  • Plate Hero is an innovative way to share your incredible, home-cooked cuisine with the world from the comfort of your own kitchen. Whether you are a trained chef or just someone with a passion for cooking, Plate Hero is a place where you can create your own menu, set your hours, and earn money all while doing what you love.

For the foodie

  • Feeling hungry but your usual spots aren’t “hitting the spot?” Plate Hero is what your palate has always wanted but never knew it needed. We connect you with local chefs who prepare unique, delicious home-cooked eats. Whether you are new to the food game or an experienced diner, Plate Hero is a way for you to explore new dishes in the neighborhoods you love.
  • Download our free app or visit our web app and customize your profile. You can join as a Home Cook or a food lover!
  • It’s easy! Simply download the Plate Hero, create a menu from your own personalized dashboard, and start managing your kitchen. 
  • Next, upload the best photos of your signature dishes.
  • Our platform includes all of the functionality you need to advertise your menu and create your own foodie tribe via social media! Once your orders start rolling in, you can easily track your sales, set performance goals, keep order details, and respond to customer inquiries all in one place.
  • Customers may view available dishes on your menu for quick pick up or for future dates. Plate Hero allows customers to select portion size, dish options, desired pickup times along with any special requests. Once the customer has paid for the order, you’ll confirm the order and notify them of the pick up time and location desired. For easy communications, you can chat directly with the customer.
  • We understand that we’re only as successful as our Home Cooks, which is why it’s our mission to make sure that we provide you with tools and resources you need to succeed. Currently the Plate Hero App is completely FEE FREE, however we take a small fee of 7% on each sold meal by the Chef. The chef has then the option to set the price for his meals accordingly!
  • HomeMade customers are local people in your community in search of new, tasty and fresh homemade food dishes to experience.
  • Requirements may differ in each country. We require you to upload pictures of your kitchen and equipment, in order to be submitted, additionally to ensure the best experience we require Level 2 Certificate in Food Safety and Hygiene and register their premises with their respective local authorities (Councils).. In addition, if you have other people in your home kitchen, each will need to obtain a Food Handlers Permit. 
  • We make getting paid super easy. After 72 hours of any order being complete, you can login to the Plate Hero for Home Chefs app and click the Withdraw. We transfer the funds directly into your PayPal account instantly or Bank Transfer that usually takes 3-5 days. It’s that simple.
  • In addition, you can log into your Portal at any time to review your orders, transactions, and payouts or setup real-time notifications.